Habitual Writing

Here are tips that I have about the writing process. Writing On The Go. Writing on your phone is a godsend.  it is certainly going to take an adjustment, some writer specifically write on certain devices (or longhand) that they feel most comfortable with.  The act of writing is sacred to writers and for the […]

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Situational Vol. 1

Situational posts are short stories that randomly pop in my head when I am out and about.  Some of these ideas are gonna be really out there… while others might be a bit more grounded. But all of them hopefully you’ll find interesting.  Enjoy!  –Saints  “This One Time After Work” Juan Vargas’ tyrannical reign over […]

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Excerpt from . (Period) 

  Mr. Sage had a surprisingly tentative look on his face, stroking his beard as if he wanted to ask another question. Myles stood his ground, waiting for the Q & A (or maybe the better word would’ve been interrogation) to continue before the class bell went off. Every student quickly packed their things into […]

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The Headlines Around the World

  Just a small example of how the world views the election of Donald Trump as this nation’s forty fifth Commander-and-Chief.   This was the front page of the New York Daily News the day after the election.  The biggest upset in American politics left much to be desired.  A polarizing presidential election left both […]

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Who is Saints Boro? 

          Clichés abound! The writers curse apparently.  Would it be so far-fetched if Saints was a tortured soul? Gripped by a vice that takes a lifetime to temper, but one fateful night to reconcile.  A few short days of mourning, and memories from friends and family too busy to see the […]

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